Fleece is a wonderful fabric. It is soft, cuddly, warm, and has water resistant properties. It is very easy to care for. Machine or hand washing and machine drying on low to medium heat is recommended. Fleece will be more likely to stay soft when washed and dryed only with other fleece items, or very lightweight items, and when your machine is not overloaded. Please do not wash your fleece items with jeans or towels. If you would like to keep its water resistant properties it is NOT recommended to use fabric softener.
Handling time is from 1-4 business days.
Unless otherwise noted in the listing or otherwise agreed upon in a written email, each item is returnable for a period of 14 days from the day tracking shows delivery. All returned items must be in new unworn condition. Buyer pays return shipping. Refund will be original price paid minus original shipping. Special orders of items which were originally ordered to be altered from its original listing offering are not returnable.
As a rule of thumb the corners of a bow tie should line up between the outside corners or the eyes and the edge of the face. Taking a measurement of the distance between the outside corner of the left eye to the outside corner of the right eye is all that is necessary for a perfect fit. If the distance is less than 4" then the 4x21/2" size is perfect. If the distance is 4" to 41/2" then the 41/2x21/2" is perfect. If the distance is 41/2" or over then the 5x3" is perfect. This is, however, not set in stone. If you are going for the look of having a very large bow tie, this is not unusual and you should purchase the size you would feel comfortable wearing. My suggestion would be to cut pieces of paper in the various sizes and holding them up to your neck to see how the size looks on you. Fashion is wonderful, although there are rules of thumb, there are also people's creative nature which sometimes throws rule of thumb out the window!